Gears 5 v1.1.15.0u1 Incl DLCs


Gears 5 v1.1.15.0u1 Incl DLCs-Repack


From one of gaming’s most acclaimed sagas, Gears is bigger than ever, with five….



From one of gaming’s most acclaimed sagas, Gears is bigger than ever, with five thrilling modes and the deepest campaign yet. With all-out war descending, Kait Diaz breaks away to uncover her connection to the enemy and discovers the true danger to Sera – herself.

Title: Gears 5
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release Date: 9 Sep, 2019
Languages: ENG/RUS

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Gears 5 v1.1.15.0u1 Incl DLCs-Repack
Size: 57 GB



















    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
    • Processor: AMD FX-6000 series | Intel i3 Skylake
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 280 | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (Windows 10) | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (Windows 7)
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 80 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible

Gears 5 v1.1.15.0u1 Incl DLCs-Repack
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Posted by Skidrow


  1. www (11 Oct 2019, 15:52)

    Win7? Really???

  2. barnabas (11 Oct 2019, 16:59)

    Hehe, great guys, going to try that one out 😉 thnx

  3. berk can (11 Oct 2019, 17:53)

    Please answer is it nod necessary to have special win 10 build does it run on any windows 10, 7 or 8?

  4. Vire (12 Oct 2019, 2:53)

    Multiplayer doesn’t work. “unable to connect to gears of war server”.
    Only single player mode.

  5. xoxo (12 Oct 2019, 6:10)

    Q: Win7?
    A: There is a version that does support Win7, i assume its this one. Make sure you have DX12 compatible GPU, or you wont even launch the game.

  6. mronche (14 Oct 2019, 4:13)

    I have a DX 12 GPU and impossible de load the game on Windows 8.1, gives me an error “no DX 12” or whatever. I could only load it on W10, which is not a surprise

  7. Kairu (16 Oct 2019, 8:44)

    How do you switch it from RUS to ENG.

  8. zpawn (17 Oct 2019, 17:47)

    please how do i change the game language

  9. Pukvos (26 Oct 2019, 21:10)

    Does sound works normally on this one ? Pretty please? 🙂 And thanks for your work guys . 😉

  10. Arshad (18 Nov 2019, 9:25)

    2 seconds of the initial video and crash to desktop.

    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
    Intel Core i7 7700HQ @ 2.80GHz
    16 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

  11. Zorgo Crypton (21 Nov 2019, 2:10)

    Every time I try running it, it shows “Error 0x4!”
    How do I get rid of it?

  12. Nick (23 Nov 2019, 17:44)

    games crash at first cinematic, run only one time and now that sucks does not run anymore

  13. TomionisMagnusen (05 Jan 2020, 21:57)

    update can not be installed if there isnt at least 100gb of free space! the install files are 2,26GB and I have still 20GB free. what a bullshit is that? why do the people who released this version, dont write anything about this problem?!

  14. john (10 Jan 2020, 7:25)

    Bro, this is in Russian language how can i fix this?

  15. Tiago Toy (10 Jan 2020, 18:01)

    It did run one time, but it was in Russian, so I closed with Alt + F4. Poor me! It never opened again before that.

    I believe it is possible to change the language by the “language Setting Gears 5” icon that is created on Desktop. I did, but now, when I try to open it, is informed that “We have detected that you may encounter problems playing the game. Bla bla bla… The installed NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics driver has known compatibility problems. Bla bla bla… NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 – 398.27 is installed. (Code: GW501) Bla bla bla”

  16. mario (11 Jan 2020, 19:22)

    setup or setup hd?

  17. rinoajr (14 Jan 2020, 4:19)

    if your game is in Russian and want to change the language , from the game main folder, go to
    Gear 5/Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/Steamworks/Steam143/Win64/Language Selector.exe, and you change it to the language of your choice

  18. bsqt (25 Jan 2020, 7:34)

    Hi, I installed the game but it won’t get past the 2nd loading screen, loading wheel at bottom right just keeps spinning and that’s it

  19. jéjé (12 Feb 2020, 15:42)


    Sorry i dont spaek english.

    Le jeu ne veus pas se lancer ,une fois valider en appuyant sur entré , le charge mais ne se lance pas.

    Que faire?


  20. shushu (22 Feb 2020, 11:22)

    To Change Language RU to EN

    File Gears 5 > Engine > Binaries > ThirdParty > Steamworks > Steamv143 > Win64 > Language Selector

  21. Shushu (22 Feb 2020, 11:24)

    @jéjé : regarde si ça déconne pas au niveau de ta config PC, si il est pas assez puissant, c’est peut-être normal

  22. Joshua (25 Mar 2020, 16:39)

    links dead

  23. tortouga (31 Mar 2020, 14:27)

    hello i have a problem i don’t have any character in the game but i have the sound during the cinematic

  24. sunny (18 Apr 2020, 18:50)

    i have played 4 chapter of game but after the update of Win10 this game is continuously crashing and giving FETAL ERROR GW 502. i have following Specs
    Win 10 64 bit(1909)
    Intel i5 7th gen
    8 gb ram
    8gb RX 580 AMD
    1 TB hard
    anyone have solution?????

  25. Jonathan (06 May 2020, 21:08)

    Never installs, says download block is too large I dont see how you guys have this game running?

  26. skkm (11 May 2020, 19:51)

    Steam initialization failed!
    Failed to initialize Steam, please make sure Steam is running and you have logged in with the correct account!

    any idea

  27. mekan (02 Jun 2020, 0:37)

    Same problem
    Failed to initialize steam, make sure………..

    Anyone has idea

  28. shoghost (24 Jun 2020, 23:09)

    guys , how can you get over depression ?

  29. charan (19 Aug 2020, 3:46)


  30. charan (19 Aug 2020, 3:47)

    ididnot get

  31. charan (19 Aug 2020, 3:48)

    hai guys

  32. inocentius (16 Nov 2020, 17:35)

    this game is standalone or only a dlc/patch/update?

  33. kelvin (16 Nov 2020, 19:24)

    how to change language is russia i using torrent to download and i cant found engine floder

  34. burt (31 Dec 2020, 8:34)

    Works great. Thanks

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